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Buy a family of your choice. Have them move in today! Everything is a commodity in the 21st Century - the Lean Arts Designer Family collection communicates the era of consumption in which society finds itself today.

Buy a Designer Family and receive an artwork from Lean Arts.

Designer Family 159387

Two Mothers:

  • Blonde Mother
  • Brunette Mother

Four children of various ethnicies:

  • two blonde
  • one Thai
  • one Indian


Designer Family 94877


  • Asian mother
  • Blonde father


  • Blonde daughter
  • Asian daughter



Designer Family 60483


  • Brown hair father
  • Asian mother


  • Afro-Caribbean daughter
  • Greek son



Designer Family 890375


  • Arabic Mother


  • Three Filipino children
  • One Arabic daughter





Enjoy living in a bubble? Ignoring the injustices of the world? 

Take part in one of our unique experiences in our enlightening selection of holidays.

Buy a Designer Holiday and receive an artwork from Lean Arts.

Be the 6th wife of a Qatar Sheikh!


Maids included

A week in Saudi Arabia


For your eyes only - Experience the authentic wonders of Arabia; 
a week in Saudi Arabia with full burqa and abaya.

Homeless for a week in London


Be homeless for a week in London!

See the sights and experience true local flavour sleeping on the steps at Westminster.

Terms and conditions apply.

Trip to West Africa


Ever dreamt of going where no other traveller dares?

Book your trip to West Africa now for the experience of a lifetime!

Protective masks complimentary.

A week in the Gaza strip


Exclusive location, great price!

Amazing people, lots to do and great sightseeing.

Bullet-proof jackets complimentary.

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